Boost Exposure For Your Website Using Natural Methods

Spread the word about your website using natural methods

Google is a fantastic search engine, but how does it determine which sites go where? Websites that link to you will help, but the quality of the site is what really matters. One of the best ways to get links is to post quality content of similar sites to yours, placing your link within the article will be noticed by Google. Your links should be built naturally, they shouldn’t contain spam, and they should be useful for the person reading the original article.

When Google first began, some website owners would use “black hat” techniques to try and rank their websites on Google. To some extent it use to work, however, Google’s algorhythms have become far more sophisticated in recent years. Using spammy and ‘black hat’ methods will likely see your website penalised by Google, and it will actually hurt your websites rankings.

Scrapping content was another method used by certain web owners, they would use software that rearranged an article to make it unique, and however, the article would generally make little sense. Whilst this method worked for a short time, Google started to alter their algorhythms to detect sites using this spammy method.

Having quality links to your website is a great way to impress Google, and thus, improve your rankings. High quality directory listing links will always be a good way to boost exposure. Links within high quality articles is another great way to impress Google known as “guest posting“. Don’t forget that the site you’re writing for should be a similar topic to yours; a user wouldn’t want to be reading an article about health and then find a link to a video game website, for example.

To conclude, this article explains how you should use clean ways to gather links, and your website should naturally build links from the user. Good luck with your website project, we hope these tips have helped you.