Acadia Malibu

Acadia Malibu is fully committed to helping those overcome their addictions at our drug rehab center in Malibu, CA. We offer holistic non-twelve step treatment in an idyllic setting just steps away from the beach. We accept most major forms of PPO insurance at your stay can be covered at little to no-cost out of pocket.

Arcadia MalibuOur integrated aftercare sober living and outpatient treatment track ensures long term success for recovery. Our vision is to provide a bridge from the perils and pain of active addiction, to a new, sober, productive life.

We help our clients meet this challenge by supporting them and their families through the difficulties of their first year of recovery. We offer family therapy, individual counseling, professional intervention services, detox, assessment and referral, case management, outpatient program, medically supervised drug testing program, prescription pill treatment, and individualized care. To learn moreĀ visitĀ

If you’ve been to treatment before, this experience is entirely different. Acadia Malibu has created a community-based, long-term rehab treatment model. Our flexible model allows us to create ways of making treatment affordable to most families. We shepherd clients through the treatment process by helping them to integrate themselves into the fabric of our community, and even more importantly, by focusing on what their lives are going to look like post-treatment.

Most treatment professionals have admitted that the old 30-day model is not working. Affordable, long-term, community-based care that really works is the future of drug and alcohol treatment. And this is what we are committed to providing each of our clients and their families with. You do not have to live in the fear and anguish of addiction anymore, there is a way out for you or your loved one. The first step is to pick up the phone and call or contact us through our drug rehab website.