What Exactly Happens After Your Page Gets Liked?

These days everyone seems to be crazy for getting ‘Likes’ for their FB Page. This is obviously not without a reason, because the moment you get liked, you are given a power of permission from your target audience. It is like they are inviting you to provide them with all the updates that you want. In other words, they are interested in hearing from you. This means that your business is one of the several things that they would like to know about, and keep them updated with. You can get quality facebook likes – likesocialfans.com.

Why stop after getting your pages liked?

FB LikesDo not be content with getting likes, because you can enjoy its benefit only when you use them in the best possible way. You need to keep your audience engaged. The more involved they are, the more success you can find with getting comments, getting them to spread the word about your business, and getting them to share your content. If you manage to do these three tasks properly, you will not need to worry about getting your business established and recognized before your clients, customers, members, supporters, donors, etc.

So, when a person likes your Page, do not let him or her go. Instead, drive the person to take some action. You may be wondering how can you get your audience engaged. Well, here’s how:

Place an unavoidable offer: Customers are always delighted to find discount and promotion and are generally drawn towards exclusive content. So, in order to extract ‘likes’ from them you need to keep on offering them exclusive discounts or post content that can sell like hot cake.

Ask questions: One of the best ways to get your visitors engaged with you is to ask them simple, open-ended questions that allow them to present their view points. Let them have some fun with yes/no and agree/disagree questions and fill in the blanks. However, make sure that they do not leave the page, drive to a CTA by asking them to leave comment.

Use the feature of Facebook Questions or use ‘survey tool’ to post links for polling your fans: This offers an easy way for people to see how their votes or answers have gone with others.

Share the comments of other people: Posting your content is obviously good, but doing the same for others’ content, that you find interesting and informative, can be great too. However, do not forget to give credit to the author.

What’s happening?: If there’s an event coming up for your business, like, a product launch, a new employee, a new partnership, etc., share it on FB. Perhaps, your fans too will be as excited as you are. Even better, make a quick video on the news and post it on your page; this will demonstrate your enthusiasm in a much effective way.

Respond to comments: If you are up to creating good customer experiences and are sharing photos, videos and other content, it is quite likely that you will get comments; do not leave them unanswered, even if they are negative. You should of course be polite in all that you have to say.

‘Likes’ are anything but unimportant, get your audience engaged and get more and more ‘likes’. You can choose to buy quality facebook likes at likesocialfans.com. They are good at their job.