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We often showcase different companies on our website. Typically we display important information regarding various businesses and how to get more information on their website. We are now writing useful articles for our users to help develop businesses, in today’s showcase we are offering a number of tips to develop an unforgettable business card.

Whenever you were last at a business convention or marketing seminar and you handed out your business cards what sort of reaction did you get, did the recipient rip up your card, compliment it, show it off or put it away straight away. The main two responses you would hope to get are the recipient showing your card off and complimenting it, now you know if your card has gone down as a success or not.

Your card needs to stand out, bold and brash colors such as red and black can really make your cardboard business card stand out, we have also seen a number of people include a photo of themselves on their business cards and in turn this has had a positive impact on customer relation.

Think outside of the box, develop a unique aspect to your business card, for example, you can add pop up features to your business cards or cut out bite marks or make them out of chocolate!

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