Garland Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Versus Repair

When it comes to maintaining a garage door, any homeowner can perform many of the services that a garage door repair company in Garland, Texas or Anywhere, USA can do. A simple visual check of the overhead door and its operation while paying attention to the hinges and rollers, the tracks and mounting brackets could possibly save the homeowner an expensive emergency garage door repair service bill. Unless, you need a professional to replace a garage door spring.

Homeowners should get in the habit of inspecting their garage doors every few months but if you are really into preventitive maintenance and peace of mind, you can do an inspection once a month. There are many moving parts on a garage door that will wear out, get loose or just break like a tension springs can without any warning. If you are inspecting your door periodically, you are more likely to prevent a major problem and costly bill than those who don’t or won’t.

Some garage doors and electric openers are just louder than others, but when you hear other noises that are not typical, you should do an inspection of the tracks to see if they are straight, alligned and not loose. You should keep the door track clean and free of debris.

If the door is making more noise than normal, you can try lubricating the rollers and hinges to reduce the friction on the moving parts. Sometimes the nuts and bolts on the track vibrate loose and will cause the door to make funny noises or popping sounds. Watch for tracks that move during operation as this can be a very dangerous stuation. Maybe the opener is making unusual noises and needs to be serviced.

If you are handy around the house and are able to do basic DIY projects then you should be able to perform minor door repairs but some repairs are dangerous to perform and should be left to the trained professionals like the Garage Door Repair Pros in Garland TX. They will be able to replace broken springs and cables, service and repair openers, replace tracks or sections and work on residential or commercial overhead doors.