Online Business Card Directory

We have previously offered a business card directory service where businesses could submit their details to us, these details would typically be found on a business card, so for example:



Email Address

Telephone Number

Fax Number

Website URL

In addition the this service we are expanding to any local business that wants to be included in our National Directory. We hope to post and offer valuable information regarding businesses, developing brands and exposing businesses. If you have anything interesting to add then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are all about helping the local communities by providing a platform for offline and online businesses get their information out to the public. One tip that we always suggest integrating into your business is always sending out business cards when mailing your products to customers or clients. Sending out a business card with a mailing tube can provide the recipient with a means of contact and also reiterate your brand to them.

Sometimes business cards are not enough and you need to get more exposure for your company. This can be accomplished by having your business listed in local business directories. Here at TheCardBoard (dot) net is the perfect place to have your company listed on a High PR website that can increase your online presence and offline business. If you wish to be included click here.


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